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2012-02-19 22:41:43
2012-02-19 22:43:16
#andrography #fotodroids #phoneography #snowflake #macro #winter #snow
2012-02-19 22:44:05
wow nice shot! my friend
2012-02-19 22:49:22
Re nakachanX: Thank you very much.
2012-02-19 22:50:10
amazing! !!
2012-02-19 22:51:04
Re suzie: Thank you so much.
2012-02-19 22:54:20
2012-02-19 23:00:01
oh my God! is it a real one??? much nicer than the ones I'd seen. amazing!!! thank you
2012-02-19 23:02:11 lovely
2012-02-19 23:12:05
Re anemone: Thank you sweet anemone.
2012-02-19 23:57:54
Re Crisca: Yes it is a real one. You are welcome. I'm so glad you like it.
2012-02-19 23:59:20
Re KSY00: Thank you so much.
2012-02-20 00:00:13
Re Lesafalee: I love it! saved it to my SD
2012-02-20 00:02:51
Re Crisca: Awesome now you can have it for forever.
2012-02-20 00:04:17
amazing dear Lesafalee great macro
2012-02-20 00:05:39
Re nirmalaDEE: I'm so glad you saw it because I meant to tag you in it. Thank you so much.
2012-02-20 00:06:53
Re Lesafalee: i love macro pics so i hv good sense on detecting macro pics lol
2012-02-20 00:08:31
Re Lesafalee: yw dear leslie cant wait to see more macros from u
2012-02-20 00:09:43
Re Lesafalee: yw dear Lesa have a great day to you ((byebye))
2012-02-20 00:10:41
Re Lesafalee: yep ((byebye)) going to sleep now...
2012-02-20 00:12:20
Re Crisca: Good night.
2012-02-20 00:13:13
Re anemone: Thank you as well.
2012-02-20 00:13:29
Re nirmalaDEE:
2012-02-20 00:14:13
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